Kromatika Derivatives Trading With ApolloX

Futures are where the big money is. All good apes know this. Futures trading, though, is fraught with perils. Aside from the obvious (you bet the wrong way), there are ancillary traps with futures trading that can hurt any trader, large or small.

Chief among them is the fact that centralised providers can rug you when you least expect it, or close your positions just as they were beginning to take off. Not only do you have to be right, you have to ensure you’re not so right that a CEX decides not to give you the payout you deserve. Or simply scams you altogether.

The Importance of On-Chain Derivatives Markets

That’s why on-chain derivatives are the future. By having futures on-chain and decentralised, it stops any meddling by market makers. Sophisticated crypto traders are already flocking to on-chain derivative markets in droves, conscious that – sooner, rather than later – it’ll be the most common way this type of trading is done.

The derivatives market, by some estimates, is valued at $1.2 quadrillion – a sum so large it must exist purely as a notional amount. Yet, its size is indicative of its essential importance. Healthy derivative markets create healthy economies, driving out latent inefficiencies that otherwise warp the market and stunt growth.

Using smart contracts for derivatives helps increase that efficiency gain, while also creating a trustless environment for the broker market to work. Creating derivatives on decentralised platforms will be the next great advance of financial technology, especially as derivative positions can be tokenized easily and bought and sold on decentralised (and centralised) exchanges like any other financial instrument.

Kromatika’s Derivatives Launch with Market-Beating Leverage Options

Kromatika is thus pleased to announce the launch of a derivatives market on our DEX. Soon, traders will be able to make their big bets right from their crypto wallet by using our DEX. Users will still benefit from all of Kromatika’s glorious UI and innate advantages, and access a fantastic derivatives market.

To bring this exciting new feature to Kromatika’s DEX, we teamed up with ApolloX, a hybrid CEX/DEX that has enjoyed spectacular success since its launch in 2021. ApolloX offers an amazing 150x leverage on its futures trading, and Kromatika users will be able to get the leverage they crave – all totally on-chain. ApolloX’s leverage is the highest available on the market, and that’s why we are integrating their proven technology to bring derivatives trading to life on Kromatika.

Embrace the Future with Kromatika’s Derivatives Trading

Kromatika’s traders will now be able to open perpetual positions on BTC/USDT, as well as host of other pairings, in a stable, safe, decentralised environment powered by Kromatika’s lightning fast DEX. So, get your TA in hand, your research ready, and your ape-heart prepared – and enjoy derivatives trading on Kromatika.